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June 7, 2024

How Does Drunk Driving Affect Society Beyond the Individual?

Choosing to drive drunk can send ripples through communities when drunk driving accidents cause injuries, damages, and have profound societal impacts. At Injury LawStars, we specialize in addressing the complicated nature of drunk driving cases. We remain steadfast in holding negligent parties accountable while supporting injury victims.

Injury LawStars uses its unparalleled experience with drunk driving cases to protect our clients from the repercussions of drunk driving fines and criminal charges. Drunk driving can have long-lasting emotional, physical, and financial impacts on victims and their families. Our firm is dedicated to providing legal help using practical support to those affected by drunk driving. 

As we explore the effects of drunk driving and causes of car accidents on the larger society, Injury LawStars is prepared to serve as your advocate and legal aid. The broader societal consequences of drunk driving could affect you and your wallet. Suppose you desire more information about how these types of claims may affect you. In that case, personal injury professionals recommend consulting with a drunk driving attorney in Florida like those available at Injury LawStars.

Drinking and driving

Drunk Driving and Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Limits

Drunk driving is concerning because it could happen to anyone. Data shows that one out of four  U.S. drivers admitted to driving after drinking at least once within the past year. You can be charged for drunk driving in two ways in Florida. The first way is by driving with a breath or blood alcohol concentration above 0.08. The second instance to prove a DUI case is by demonstrating the statutory definition of DUI, which says drivers were “under the influence of alcohol to the extent that their normal faculties were impaired”  also known as “common law” DUI.

Drunk Driving Data

Different data sets show that three to five percent of drivers estimate that they have driven while legally impaired because of drinking. Drunk drivers are more likely to be white males, between the ages of 25 and 44, unemployed or working class, and unmarried. Most drunk drivers are more heavy drinkers or have drinking problems and those under the age of 21 years are twice as likely to be involved in fatal vehicle crashes when they’re older. 

On weekend evenings the number of drunk drivers rises and 17 percent of all drivers are operating their vehicles under the influence of at least a bit of alcohol. If involved in an accident, it’s the drunk driver or his passenger who is most likely to be killed. There have been some reductions in the number of young drivers killed in alcohol-related crashes because of greater licensing restrictions and enforcement of juvenile drunk driving laws.

The Social Consequences of Drunk Driving

Here are some of the personal and social consequences of drunk driving:

  • Drivers, passengers, and pedestrians are killed and injured 
  • Injured persons, their families, and their employers suffer financial losses 
  • Vehicles are damaged and destroyed
  • Trees, utility poles, highway signs, buildings, and more are damaged and destroyed 
  • Auto insurance rates rise
  • Traffic is impeded 
  • Drivers get traumatized and fear for their safety
  • Community resources are consumed enforcing drunk driving laws
  • Police, fire, and medical resources have to treat drunk driving victims 
  • Court and jail resources are used for prosecuting and jailing drunk drivers

How Does Drunk Driving Affect Society Beyond the Individual?

In Florida, the legal repercussions of drunk driving are immediate and future-reaching. Many communities are forced to bear the economic burdens through increased healthcare costs, higher insurance premiums, and all of the related expenses associated with the police and medical professionals. 

Drunk driving causes families and friends to suffer emotionally and psychologically from wrongful death trauma or debilitating injuries caused by such incidents. Even Florida’s tourism industry can feel the effects because visitors may opt for safer travel destinations. Drunk driving is a wide-reaching problem so contact a Florida car accident lawyer to combat drunk driving and protect the public.

Combatting Drunk Driving

The effects of drunk driving reach the lives of individuals, families, and communities. That’s why it’s important for drivers to embrace our collective responsibility while law enforcement and medical professionals take protective measures to make roads safer. 

Drunk Driving Accountability

Choosing not to drink and drive safeguards the well-being of ourselves and other travelers.  

When drivers refuse to drink and drive, they prevent the devastating consequences, while setting an example.  Being responsible can encourage friends, family members, and acquaintances to drive sober. 

Education, Advocacy, and Awareness

As the Florida driving community educates itself about the consequences of drunk driving, this helps shift societal attitudes toward drinking. Gen Z has already begun to learn from the mistakes of past generations and they are less likely to drink in general. Through education, we collectively create a culture of safety on our roads.

Drunk Driving Support Groups

Organizations that combat drunk driving are on the front lines doing the following: 

  • Advocating for policy changes 
  • Raising awareness about the dangers of drunk driving
  • Offering support to those affected by drunk driving incidents 
  • Providing support to victims via volunteering, donations, or awareness campaigns

Steps To Take after a Drunk Driving Incident

The steps you take after a drunk driving accident will affect you, and other travelers, and could affect your legal and financial standing. Drunk driving accident attorneys always recommend seeking medical attention, reporting the accident to law enforcement, and gathering relevant information at the scene of your accident. 

Remain Calm at The Scene

Remaining calm after an accident injury can help you accurately assess the situation. Leaving an accident scene can be a crime so it’s important to stay at the scene until law enforcement and medical help have attended to all involved. Make sure you don’t leave the accident scene unless it poses a safety risk.

Call For Medical Assistance

Accident injuries can prove devastating. The first step toward accident recovery is seeing a medical professional about your injuries. Doing so can protect you if you intend to pursue legal damages. Keeping a medical journal of your recovery, pain, and costs can help legal professionals garner a fair assessment of the effects of your drunk driving accident injuries. 

Call The Police

Many auto insurance companies deny claims if you don’t pursue medical assistance or call the police. The police make an official police report at the scene of the accident to determine if laws were broken and who could be responsible for accident injuries. 

Collect Photo and Video Evidence

Winning a drunk driving claim will depend on your ability to produce evidence. Photos and videos of the scene that show the hazards that contributed to the crash can prove useful in negotiations and litigation. Photo and video evidence can be used to establish fault and can also provide additional information on: 

  • Weather conditions when the accident occurred
  • Layout of the accident location
  • Types of signs and traffic signals
  • Objects that may have affected a driver’s visibility
  • Outside factors that contributed to the accident (like construction zones)
  • Injury photos and videos 

Gather Witness Information

Gathering eyewitness information can help demonstrate who was at fault. Write down their names and contact information and ask if they’re willing to make a video or quickly jot down what they saw to protect yourself just in case you’re no longer able to get in touch or their memory lapses over time. 

Keep Detailed Records

Keeping a record of all your accident-related invoices and receipts can help you demonstrate the cost of your medical care, property damage, and lost wages in court. Accident victims will have to buy prescription drugs, orthopedic devices, and medical supplies, as well as secure transportation for doctor’s appointments. All of these costs are eligible for compensation after a drunk driving accident. 

Attend All Related Legal Proceedings

Providing evidence and testimony at hearings, trials, traffic court, criminal court, or other proceedings, where the drunk driver faces prosecution, will help establish their negligence. 

Participating in these hearings isn’t necessary to make a civil drunk driving injury claim, but it can help support your case. 

Florida drunk driving attorneys can help support you through each step of your drunk driving claim. Consider consulting with them for a free consultation today. 

The Role of Injury LawStars in Drunk Driving Cases

Injury LawStars are experienced in handling drunk driving claims and lawsuits. Each day they provide legal representation for injured victims by pursuing compensation for their medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Injury LawStars is also adept at dealing with insurance companies and negotiating settlements. 

Contacting Injury LawStars for Legal Guidance

If you’ve been involved in a drunk driving accident caused by a negligent driver, do not delay to contact a personal injury specialist. Since there is a statute of limitations and other legal technicalities that can affect the outcome of your case, delaying could put your claim in jeopardy of being reduced or denied. Injury LawStars is prepared to support you and the greater Florida community as your drunk driving legal advocate today.